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Workshop by Jay Dougherty, Jul 4, 2023.

  1. Jay Dougherty

    Jay Dougherty A trouble maker

    Not happy with the ending of this one. Any suggestions? :) Sometimes a poem just fizzles out.

    we’ve all seen them: movies
    that try to depict a writer’s life
    as something worth

    in the old days of typewriters
    the sound of the typing machine
    was almost enough
    the camera could pan around
    or do a close-up
    of the characters being drilled
    into the page

    or queue up a shot of the writer
    ripping out one sheet
    after another
    pieces of paper
    strewn about - more panning -
    some cigarette smoke, ashes, and dirty
    butts added to the

    now, though, what is there?
    our machines don’t clack
    we don’t go to the mailbox any more
    holding that acceptance
    or rejection letter and

    most of us don’t even

    we have our word
    processors, e-mail, and avatars
    on facebook or twatter

    it’s all very quiet stuff

    i think we should start a company
    to sell t-shirts with the word
    “writer” on them
    and market them to

    I’m not sure why.
  2. Nolcha Fox

    Nolcha Fox Member

    What about replacing these lines with something like:

    But nicotine stains our brain cells,
    words we discard fog our eyes,
    five o'clock shadow falls on the keyboard
    as the computer screen endlessly replays

    the romance of the writer's life.